One True Calling

When asked what I do for a living, I almost always answer automatically: “I’m a music therapist.” But the long answer is a little more complicated.

In addition to providing music therapy, I also teach lessons, perform, write music, blog, design websites, and juggle professionally. Okay, just kidding about that last one. But in all seriousness, the items on that list are right up there in importance with my “official” career, and they are things that I spend time doing every day.

My dad is well aware of my “multiple irons in the fire” — as he termed it when he sent me this article last week. The author writes that it’s okay to have multiple interests and talents rather than follow one clearly defined career path, and even has a name for such people: mulipotentialites.

She states that the alternative to having one true calling is to create a life around all of your interests; furthermore, create a platform that’s fueled by your multipotentiality. The article cites Chris Guillebeau (one of my personal heroes) as someone who has successfully done so. And the reason for his and others’ success? There is one over-arching theme connecting all the facets of their platforms.

The article got me thinking about my platform and over-arching theme. If you read this blog on a daily basis, then you know that I jump around from topic to topic quite frequently. Sometimes I write about business, other days I share music therapy songs I have written or songs that my students have recorded, and then there are the many posts related to my favorite technologies and how I use them. The list goes on, really.

My tagline since starting Listen & Learn has been “helping children learn and grow through music” — and while I think that covers most of the content I write and the work I do, I wouldn’t say that covers all of it. Maybe my over-arching theme will become more clear with time.

Do you have one true calling, or would you consider yourself to be a multipotentialite? And if so, what’s your over-arching theme?

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