Week 34

Parker turned 8 months old this week, making this his “golden month” birthday. Guess how we celebrated!? By going out on our first dinner date since August! Parker got to spend a couple hours with Grandma Libby, so he was a happy camper too :)

That was definitely the highlight of our week, because otherwise it hasn’t been very exciting. I’ve been fighting a bad cold for almost two weeks now, so between that and the terrible weather, February got off to a rough start.

Parker and Mommy Sick Day

Taking sick day selfies is a good way to pass the time when we’re stuck inside! Words can’t even begin to describe how ready I am for spring: for health, warmer weather, sunshine, the chance to go outside. I’ve had it with this winter.

Parker in his high chair

Luckily Parker is in good spirits despite his stuffy nose and cabin fever. He doesn’t seem to mind the daily rotation between his crib, my arms, high chair, various baby apparatuses, and the floor for playtime. As long as I’m giving him my undivided attention 90% of the time, that is.

Parker’s latest discovery is the video monitor next to his crib. It has lights on it so that we can see him in the dark, and he enjoys getting nice and close when he wakes up. I looked at the monitor on my phone the other night and just about had a heart attack…I wasn’t expecting to see this:

Parker in his Crib

This baby cracks me up! He is so inquisitive about everything and is already quite the little explorer. He is pulling up on everything and has no fear, which of course completely freaks me out. I have a feeling this is just the tip of the iceberg.

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