One Last Ride in the Ergo

The ErgoBaby carrier holds the #1 spot for me as far as baby items are concerned. I used it on a daily basis from the time Parker was just 6 weeks old up until earlier this month.

But my giant belly is making it a little (or a lot) more difficult to wear Parker, not to mention that he is quite the independent toddler these days. I saw our most recent trip as a good excuse to strap him into the Ergo one last time, since it was so early in the morning and I knew he would be sleepy.

I’m planning to wear Baby #2 just as much, if not more, but since she’s a girl, naturally she needs a more feminine-looking carrier ;) Our current Ergo is still in great shape, though, so we are passing it on to my brother and sister-in-law who just had a baby boy. I’m happy to know it will continue being put to good use.

Not surprisingly, Parker’s farewell ride was bittersweet. I love the feeling of having him snuggled up against me, and it’s so nice having both hands free (especially in the airport, where we have plenty of stuff to schlep). I also love the comments I get from other people, especially older ladies who say, “Oh, I wish those had been around when my kids were babies!”.

I know I’ll get to experience that again very soon, but it will be different — just as so many things will be — because it’s not the first time. Parker and I blazed those trails already.

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