Going On a Car Ride!

As a kid, I absolutely LOVED long car rides. My brother and I found ways to entertain ourselves for hours at a time, which was lucky for our parents. But I know very well that we were probably the exception, and most parents don’t have it quite as easy as mine did.

When I put out a Facebook call for song topics, the mother of one of my students responded that a song about long car rides would come in handy (although it was a little too late, since they’d already made a trek that day!).

But I’ve got her covered for next time, and with summer vacation season coming up soon, hopefully this song will get lots of use.

Let’s face it…car rides can be super boring, especially here in the Midwest where for the most part, the only scenery is cornfields. But if you put an “adventure” spin on them, maybe that will help. At least, that was my thought when I wrote the song :)

What are your favorite songs, tricks and tips for making long car rides bearable — both for the little ones and yourself?