See that little lei I’m holding? It’s on reserve for Baby Rambach…arriving in June! Zach took that photo during our Maui vacation last week to announce our pregnancy, and now the word is out!

Of course, we’ve known about our little “plus one” for awhile now; the big fat positive sign appeared on October 6. I had been telling Zach for almost two weeks that I could just tell I was pregnant, and of course, he thought I was only setting myself up for disappointment — especially since we had just started trying that month.

As in most cases, I ended up being right, and we let our families in on the secret right away. It was really hard keeping the news to myself otherwise, so I told some friends along the way. But we waited until we hit the 13-week mark to make it “Facebook Official”  and I am super relieved to have the news (and my tiny little BUMP) out in the open.

Our due date is June 14, just a little over a week after my 30th birthday. I always pictured having a little June baby just like me, and now it’s actually becoming a reality. I couldn’t be happier or feel more blessed, especially since I have an amazing partner in Zach, who is going to be an amazing dad.

The next six months are probably going to fly by, but I’m going to try and post here regularly as the pregnancy progresses and Baby Rambach gets closer and closer to making his/her arrival!

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