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Listen and Learn Plus! is a premium membership option for people who want instant download access to Listen & Learn’s vast collection of over 200 songs, resources, and materials. Each month, members receive lead sheets, sheet music, videos, special posts on a number of topics, and mp3 downloads, not to mention complete 24/7 access to the L&L Plus! archives. All of this and much more for $99 per year ($20 off the regular price).

Who should become a member of L&L Plus? Anyone who:Become a Premium Member of Listen & Learn Plus!

  • is a parent, music therapist, teacher, or other professional who works with children.
  • would like access to visual aides and materials for use in the classroom, at home, or in music therapy sessions.
  • sings and/or plays the guitar and desires to learn new songs.
  • wants songwriting advice.
  • is in search of new ideas, interventions, and activities.
  • could benefit from tutorials and demonstrative videos.

This isn’t an exhaustive list, but hopefully this gives you an idea of whether or not you can benefit from L&L’s premium content. Questions are welcome!

Join the rest of the music therapists, students, educators, and others who are already enjoying exclusive videos, resources, mp3 downloads, sheet music, visual aides, and all of the other goodies right here at Listen & Learn Plus!

Here are just a few of the albums you’ll receive:

Listen & Learn Music - Songs for Children

Listen & Learn Music - Songs for Children

Listen & Learn Music - Songs for Children

Listen & Learn Music - Songs for Children

Listen & Learn Music - Songs for Children

Here is what current members have to say:

I’ve only been a member for a short while, but I love having this resource and knowing I can always find chords, lyrics or visual aides for a wide variety of songs and topics. It has already deeply enriched my music therapy sessions by providing lots of new material and tons of inspiration for my own original activities/songs. The “resources” tab has also been very helpful for learning about new websites/equipment that help make my prep work more efficient. My membership has been money well spent!!
Sarah, L&L Plus! Member

Being a charter member is one of the best gifts I have ever given myself! The original website is wonderful, but having all of the perks of L&L Plus has paid for itself over and over again! I have convinced myself that Rachel must never sleep because she is always so available to answer questions and respond to all requests. As I leave the general ed. classroom and begin a new life as a music teacher in centers, I know it will be even more valuable! Thanks, thanks, THANKS!
Tricia, L&L Plus! Member

I’m a middle school music teacher, but recently started teaching early childhood music classes at my son and daughter’s daycare. I teach classes from toddlers to pre-schoolers and Listen and Learn Plus has been an invaluable resource for finding new music that is appropriate at each level. Not only is Rachel’s music great, but she’s always highlighting different children’s musicians and books that I can use in the classes.
Jamie, L&L Plus! Member

I’ve been teaching for 35 years. More albums, books and songs are not really what I “need” but who can resist Rachel’s Listen & Learn site…blog or member’s club? The L&L Plus! member’s site is even more of all that good-Rachel-vibe (happy, positive, organized, fun, instructive, inspiring, educational, interesting…) yet it’s even better! L&L Plus is bursting with all kinds of information that you can go back to again and again. You can not learn everything Rachel has to offer without being a member…it’s really that simple. My “need” is technology-related. I love her advice, recommendations, tutorials, recording, videos, and absolutely anything she’s willing to share in that arena. I’m pretty sure there are more amazing skills and gifts Rachel possesses that she just hasn’t figured out how to share. When she does I don’t want to miss a single moment! Now that I’m a member…I’ll be ready to learn even more from her. Thank you, Rachel, for being the generous spirit that you are! The Listen&Learn Plus! member’s site has been inspiring and a huge influence in my online learning/teaching life.
Susan, L&L Plus! Member

Here are just a few of the topics you’ll find in the members area:

  • Tips and tricks for marketing a music studio and/or music therapy practice
  • Templates for assignment sheets, practice sheets, and other forms
  • Tutorials for creating resources such as schedule cards and bingo sheets
  • Technology-related advice, recommendations, and tricks
  • Strategies for improving your songwriting, recording, and performance skills

Here is how Listen & Learn Plus works: once you have paid securely via PayPal, you will be sent to the member registration area to choose a username and password. Then enjoy all the premium content this membership site has to offer. It’s that simple!

3-hour CMTE course
Members also receive a 20% discount on the 3-hour CMTE course “Early Childhood Programs: Create, Market, Make Music!” instructed by Rachel, so join now to scoop up this offer alone with TONS of other great music therapy resources.