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Sing and play any song featured at Listen & Learn Music by purchasing the sheet music! The melody line, chords, and lyrics are included on all sheet music collections, which are delivered to your inbox in the form of a PDF file. You’ll be bringing a little bit of Listen & Learn to your classroom, home, music therapy session, or anywhere else you use music in no time!

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My studio is chock-full of instruments, but it’s my collection of shakers that gets the most use. Maybe it’s the bright colors, or how easy they are to play, or their great sound; I’m not sure. The Shakin’ Song, Maraca Rock, Shakers Up High, and Shaky Fruit are songs that I’ve written over the last three years and still use often in music therapy sessions (and music classes, too!).  These songs address goals related to color identification, taking turns, soft/loud, fast/slow, high/low, up/down, and more.

If you’re looking to “shake up” your repertoire, this might be a good place to start.  The download includes the sheet music for all four songs listed above, plus the mp3s to use as a guide.  $5 and it’s yours.

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