Professional Music Therapy Association MembershipsThis week, professional association membership has been a hot topic in the digital world among music therapists.  It all started when music therapist Kat Fulton posted a link to an article she wrote in which she listed 10 reasons why she is a member of the American Music Therapy Association.

Kimberly, Michelle and I (also known as the Music Therapy Round Table) were so inspired by Kat’s article that we decided to continue the conversation on our podcast.  So in Episode 9, we each discuss why we are members of various professional associations (both music therapy-related and otherwise) and what the benefits — and drawbacks — are.

So if you want to hear all about our thoughts on professional association memberships (among other things), head over to the MTRT and listen to Episode 9 or download it for free from iTunes. A perfect way to spend your Friday morning, in my opinion!

Speaking of Friday…what are your plans for the weekend?  While my husband is in New Orleans for a guys’ weekend, I’m going to catch up on some recording I didn’t get done this week (thanks to a nasty cold) and spend some quality time with my dog.  I’m so exciting, I know :)  Have a good one!