Out of all the songs I’ve written, “Everybody Has a Name” might just be the one I use most often. As I mentioned in the video, the idea came from a teacher…and it seems that the really good ones almost always do! The look of pride on a child’s face after spelling his or her own name is priceless, but getting to that point is half the fun.

And isn’t that the case with so many things in life? I think that so often, people focus on the end result that they don’t take pleasure in the process. I’ve been guilty of this on numerous occasions, but I’m making a conscious effort to enjoy every small milestone, every flower along the path, every long car ride to state board meetings (as I did just yesterday, thanks to Audible and iTrip), and so on.

But I digress.  Getting back to the topic at hand, “Everybody Has a Name” is one of those universal songs I’ll probably be using in the school and early childhood setting until the day I retire my guitar.  There is a long list of songs I can hardly stand to sing and play anymore, but this isn’t on that list (well, yet).  What about you?  Do you have go-to songs that never get old?

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