Meeting new people can be difficult, whether you are a young child or a full-fledged adult. I’ve been a shy person all my life, so I still struggle with this at times. But for a child with a disability, especially autism, a new person can be very overwhelming and even a little scary.

Today’s song introduces a few of the people who are important in a child’s life, and explains a little about what each person does. I made sure to include individuals who can be intimidating, and hopefully this tune can help ease any fears a child may have about seeing them. The key is for youngsters to see these people as friendly, helpful adults that they can trust.

I see all kinds of people, everywhere I go.
Some of them are new, and some of them I know.
I’ve learned about the kinds of things each person does for me,
So let me tell you all about the people that I see.

Police officers keep me safe, they usually dress in blue.
Firefighters wear red, and they protect me too.
When I am in trouble, they are the ones to call.
These are the people who help me, they look out for us all.


Teachers help me learn things, like how to read a book,
Math and science, spelling too, and even how to cook.
My principal and friends are other people at my school,
Where I have fun and work hard, ’cause being smart is cool.


Doctors are the people who keep my body strong,
I see them for my check-up, and when something is wrong.
The dentist cleans my teeth, and keeps cavities away,
By showing me how to brush and floss them everyday.


Speaking of meeting new people, I have had the pleasure of getting to know (albeit through email) Sandie and her son Matthew, who was born with born with agenesis of the corpus callosum (ACC). You can read more about ACC and Matthew here. Thank you, Sandie, for sharing Listen & Learn with Matthew, and for making my job all the more worthwhile!