5,000 Facebook Fans Giveaway

5K Facebook Fans Giveaway

A month or so ago, Katey and I realized that we were just a little over 100 Facebook fans away from reaching the 5,000 mark. Of course, we couldn’t let that milestone go by without celebrating, and what better way to celebrate than with a BIG giveaway?!

We reached out to Janet Stephens, the creator of Bear Paw Creek movement props, and she very generously offered up a package of our favorite products for our lucky winner. The package includes:


Counting Songs for Every Season

Counting Snowflakes

If you’ve been following my blog for any length of time, then you know I’m a sucker for a good counting song. But little did I know when I wrote “Little Red Apples” back in August for our early childhood class, it would lead to an entire songbook full of them.

That song was such a hit with our young students AND music therapy clients that we continued writing new counting songs like it every few weeks. We also created visuals for each one, and now have a nature-based counting collection to match every season.


My Top 10 Music Therapy Instruments

Top 10 Music Therapy Instruments

Any music therapist will tell you that it’s really hard to pick favorites when it comes to instruments. After all, they are our tools, and we choose them based on the specific needs and goals of our clients.

That being said, there are definitely certain instruments I tend to gravitate to more often than others. And since I frequently receive emails from students, interns, and new professionals asking which instruments I recommend, I’m sharing them here with you. I left off the very basics (shakers, tambourines, rhythm sticks, jingle bells, etc.) as those are a given.


Click Like This, Clack Like That

Click Like This, Clack Like That Album Cover

Castanets aren’t your everyday instruments; they usually garner a little more interest than shakers or drums. Yes, they are fun to play, but even better, castanets are excellent for addressing fine motor skills.

We bring out castanets quite often in both our classes and music therapy sessions, which means I’m always writing new songs to help target all the goals they can address. This is one such song: it gets those fingers moving, and it also touches on the concepts of high and low.

This song is included in my songbook collection, Ring, Sing, Strum & Drum. The download contains the notated sheet music (as opposed to just the lyrics and chords) along with the full and instrumental recordings.

Members of Listen & Learn Plus! have access to all of the above in our shared Dropbox folder. Membership includes just about everything else in my resource library and collection — come over and join us!

Learn more about Listen & Learn Plus

Making New Families Feel Welcome

Making New Families Feel Welcome at Music Class

Attending a group activity for the first time can be intimidating — not only for the child, but for the parent or caregiver as well. I speak from experience, having done this many times since becoming a mom.

It can be especially intimidating to walk into a room where everyone else knows each other and has attended the activity before. This happens time and time again in our music classes, since many of our families attend sessions on a regular basis. The adults become friendly with each other, the children get along well, and we as instructors get to know everyone.

So when a new family comes to music for the first time, there are a few things we can do to help them feel just as welcome and part of the group as everyone else.


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