Flying Solo

Mama Flying Solo Without Baby

The last solo flight I took was almost exactly two years ago — when Parker was just a glint in my eye — to visit my friend Vanessa in Orlando. Since then I’ve traveled a LOT, but it has always been with my family. The last 6 flights I’ve taken have included a carseat, stroller, giant suitcase, multiple diaper bags, and a baby strapped to my chest.

So it feels a little strange breezing through the airport with just a carry-on and shoulder bag. I forgot how easy it is! But every time I see a family carting all of the aforementioned baggage, I get a little teary; this is the first time I’ve left Parker overnight, let alone for a long weekend.

I’m not going to lie: there were LOTS of tears as I said goodbye to him this morning. Poor Zach had to endure my endless stream of reminders and post-it notes tacked on to every surface of the house, but he took it like a champ. He knows how hard this is for me, but he also reminded me a million times how great this trip will be. And how much I deserve it, bless his heart :)

Every summer, I get together with my music therapy colleagues Michelle and Kimberly (and this year, Matt too!) for a “working weekend” in order to plan the upcoming year for our podcast and business. Matt lives in California, so we are heading there for 3 days of extremely productive work…plus seeing the sights of San Francisco and enjoying the wineries of Napa Valley. It’s going to be awesome.

I know my friends will keep me thoroughly distracted and entertained, but at least a little piece of my mind will always be wondering what my baby is doing. I’ve already told Zach that I expect photos every hour and multiple FaceTime chats each day. And kissing his little face when I get home on Monday night will be the best moment ever.

Agent of the Year

AAA Agent of the Year

Back in 2007, Zach and I attended his first AAA awards banquet in Chicago. Last weekend, we went to our EIGHTH banquet in a row, and for the fifth time, he received the “Agent of the Year” award. Pretty amazing, my husband.

Zach’s parents have been coming up with us for the last few years, and we usually spend the day in the city eating lunch, going shopping on Michigan Avenue, and then hanging out at the hotel before the banquet. This year it was a little too cold to be outside with Parker along for the ride, so Libby and I hung out at Watertower while Zach and Steve met up with some of Zach’s friends to watch basketball games.

After we got to the hotel, we got ready for the banquet and then kissed Parker goodbye — he stayed with Grandma Libby in their hotel room while we had a date night at the banquet! It was so much fun. The entertainment was dueling pianos, which was a fun change from the comedian they usually have, and then we stayed out with our AAA friends for a little while after the event ended.

I love our nights in as a family, but it was a nice treat to have an adult night out. The next step will be having Parker sleep over at one of the grandparents’ houses…I still have yet to spent a night away from him!

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