I know we just counted bunnies yesterday, but I had to share this cute book with you that just happens to feature counting, as well. It’s called Ten Little Eggs by Jean Marzollo, and the best thing about this book is the 3-D colored eggs on each page. As the story progresses, a bird hatches from each egg…take a look:

This continues until there are no eggs left, just birds.

I made up a simple little tune to go along with this story, but really anything will do. All of the verses rhyme, which makes it nice and simple. This is the perfect book for my kiddos who are working on counting, because the objects being counted are pretty and tactile.

Oh, and about those bunnies we were counting yesterday…they must read my blog, because yesterday when I looked out my office window, I saw five of them sitting neatly in a row on my lawn. I tried to get a picture of them, but they scampered off too soon. I did manage to get two of them, though:

Too cute! Sometimes I feel like I live in a Disney movie, because my yard is always full of birds, bunnies, and all kinds of other cute little animals :)

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