The 10 Days of Thanksgiving

There’s a certain song I look forward to singing as soon as the leaves start turning colors, but I always hold out until November. The first line goes like this:

“On the first day of Thanksgiving, this is what I ate: some turkey on my plate.”

There are 9 more verses where that came from, all of which many of my students know by heart. Not surprising, considering this is the 3rd year in a row I’ve sung this song with them during the month of November. Even my fellow coworkers were asking about the 10 Days of Thanksgiving song way back in September.

10-days-thanksgiving-song-visual-aideMy original recording is flying off the virtual shelves of Songs For Teaching, but I decided to give both the song and the visual aide (a 10-page PDF with pictures and lyrics for each day) that goes with it a facelift. I was so happy with the results that I wanted to make both available to you, as well as the instrumental version of the song. All three of these downloads, plus the full lyrics and chords, are available in a single album: 10 Days of Thanksgiving.

I use the visual aide two ways: 1) as a flip-book while I sing the song with one student or a small group, and 2) as individual pages that I pass out to a larger group for students to take turns holding up as their verse is sung. The song is great fun either way! Download it today for $6.00 and start using it with your own students in these next few weeks leading up to Thanksgiving.

Click here to listen, learn more, and get your copy!