Sun and Music NotesThe first Christmas that my husband and I celebrated together, his family introduced me to a new concept. It was the “Bonus Onus” — an extra gift above and beyond what we had already received. I have grown to love that Rambach family tradition (I mean, who wouldn’t?) and today I’m going to give one to you!

You’ve probably noticed that if you sign up for my email newsletter, you get my “Weather” album completely free as a welcome gift. Those are the same weather songs I use with my students every day in the classroom and during music therapy, but there is another weather song that isn’t on that album.

“What Else Do I Need?” is a song that lists the extra things we need to wear in certain kinds of weather, like when it’s sunny, chilly, raining, or cold.  I sing this right after My Clothes & Shoes (another daily fixture).  I have a laminated visual aide for each type of weather which displays a picture illustrating the weather, the actual word, and the extra items of clothing or protection needed for that type of weather.

So my bonus onus to you is this: both the mp3 of “What Else Do I Need?” along with a pdf containing the sheet music & visual aides I use to go with it.  The downloads will begin as soon as you click the links.

Free Download: Audio MP3 and Sheet Music + Visual Aide

I hope you enjoy and get as much use out of this song as I do!  If so, you might think about joining Listen & Learn Plus, where I share downloads such as these (along with more cool stuff) every week.

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