catching snow-winter-on-the-way-season-song

Yesterday during one of my music therapy sessions, I announced that it was time to sing about the season — fall. One of the staff members gave me a strange look and said, “Really?”

I don’t blame her. The wind was gusting outside and the temperature was in the mid-30s; it’s not exactly fall weather. In these last few weeks leading up to winter, it just doesn’t feel right singing Fall Into Fall or All About Autumn.  That’s why I wrote today’s song…for these interim weeks in between the two seasons.

Winter’s on the way,
But for today,
The season is still fall.
The holidays are near,
But the calendar’s clear:
It’s autumn after all.

Winter doesn’t start until the end of
December, this we know,
When the air is really cold, so cold that
It may even snow.


You may see lights and holiday trees,
Popping up everywhere you go,
But remember for today,
No matter how the wind may blow:


Winter time will come, just a few weeks more.
And it will stick around ‘til spring.
But until that day, I’ll wait to see,
What the winter months will bring.


Our last day of school before the holiday break is December 20, so we won’t have a chance to officially welcome winter in song (which begins the very next day) before then. I’ll be ready when we return, though; I’ve got a new winter tune brewing, so look for it on December 21!