Winter doesn’t officially begin until December 22 this year — a mere 3 days before Christmas. This throws my students off every year; when it starts getting cold in November, they tell me that it’s winter (and understandably so). That’s why this song came to be.

As much as I usually dread this season, I’m thinking winter and I are going to get along this year. Now that I work from home almost exclusively, I no longer have a scary highway commute to worry about when there is ice and snow on the ground. I’d much prefer to enjoy the view of a winter wonderland from my window rather than walk in one :)

Are you looking forward to winter this year, or are you hanging on to these last couple weeks of fall for dear life? It’s coming either way, so get out the boots, earmuffs and giant parkas (unless you live somewhere warm, in which case I’m super jealous!).