10 Go-To Instruments for Music Therapy

Every single week without fail, I receive at least one email asking this very important question:

“Which instruments do you use the most and recommend I should have in my collection?” 

Music therapy students, interns, new professionals, preschool teachers, and parents have asked for my input, and though I’ve written blog posts on this very topic in the past, I wanted to create one comprehensive resource I could easily share with everyone.

The result is a free PDF guide that you can download and have on hand as you add and use new instruments. In it, you’ll learn about my top 10 favorite instruments for music therapy, along with how I use each instrument. Additionally, you’ll receive the lyrics, chords, and mp3s for 3 of my original songs I wrote specifically for these instruments.

10 Go-To Instruments for Music Therapy

Once you download the PDF, I’ll be following up with even more ways to incorporate different instruments into your work, and providing you with helpful materials to do so yourself.

Get instant access simply by entering your name and email in the fields below. Once you’ve done that, check your email for this free and comprehensive resource. I hope you find it helpful as you grow your own instrument and song collection!