Free Download: “Catchin’ Snowflakes”

Catchin' Snowflakes Album CoverClick here to download the mp3, instrumental track, and lyrics/chords.

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  1. Sue Brooks

    Hi Rachel,
    thanks for the freebie!
    I wasn’t a nerd, more of a free spirit. I was born in the 50’s. A clue to my flower child, Earth Mom background.
    I got a Silvertone ( Sears) guitar from my Dad after being mesmerized by a lady who sang Puff the Magic Dragon. Hooked!
    Unfortunately, I never learned to read music but have a good ear and pick up on things quickly. Perhaps I’ll learn someday….until then I love to play and sing, finding child like joy in sharing new songs w/kids and their families/teachers/caregivers.
    Oh….I’m from Northern Illinois. I used to live on an old Victorian farm where I had a licensed preschool/childcare for 23 years. Lotsa kids and critters!
    Enjoy the beauty of the winter fairies.
    Here in southside VA we’re finally gonna get some winter wonderland time.
    Just a note,
    Miss Sue

    • Rachel

      You’re welcome, Miss Sue! Thank YOU for sharing more about yourself. I absolutely love your positive perspective on winter…I think I need to adopt it in order to make it through the next couple of months ;) Oh, and it’s NEVER too late to learn to read music! Keep singing and playing!


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