{Guitars & Granola Bars} Episode 25

GGB Episode 25: Karen Sanchez

25 episodes feels like a big milestone, so I was celebrating a little as I hit “publish” this week. How is it possible that an entire half of a year has passed since I came up with the idea for this podcast and recorded the first episode? Slow down, life.

This week’s guest doesn’t know the meaning of the word “slow” — with 3 boys and a thriving private practice, how could she!? Oh, and did I mention that she’s also working on her doctorate degree? Karen Sanchez is an impressive lady, as you’ll find out when you listen to this episode.

Karen talks about pursuing multiple degrees and how they have benefited her private practice, lets us in on her strategies for managing her family of five’s busy schedule, and shares how she keeps up her musicianship (in all her spare time, ha!) in Episode 25 of the Guitars & Granola Bars podcast.

Be sure to check out the show notes page for more information about Karen, along with links to the resources she mentions in the episode.

This episode is sponsored by Music Teacher’s Helper, which is software for music teachers and therapists that helps manage your private music lesson studio and/or music therapy practice. I’ve used Music Teacher’s Helper every single day since 2011, and it is one of the best tools I have to keep my private practice running smoothly.

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Mia’s Newborn Photos

Mia's Newborn Photo Shoot

At just 5 days old, Mia was the perfect model for her newborn photo shoot — she slept the entire time! Our photographer, Tara Long, took advantage of her sleepiness by using lots of different fun props and even taking the shoot outside. I couldn’t believe that despite all the outfit and prop changes, Mia didn’t wake up until the very end.

Mia's Newborn Photo Shoot

There was a videographer there filming a promo video for Tara’s website, which turned out so beautiful (and not just because Mia’s sweet face is in it!). You can check it out here. Now on to the GORGEOUS photos of our tiny baby.

Parker & Mia

Rachel & Mia

Zach & Mia

Mia in a Flower Pot

Mia in a Bonnet

Mia's Newborn Shoot

Mia in a Balloon

Mia's Newborn Shoot

Mia in a Pram

Mia's Newborn Shoot

I can’t get over how stunning these photos are. There are over 100 of them, and they are all equally as beautiful. The hard part is deciding which ones to have printed. I do know that there will be a giant canvas of the first one (Parker and Mia together) hanging in our house. I’m pretty sure that’s my favorite photo of all time.

You’re Invited…

Midsummer Music Celebration

It’s a BIG SUMMER for Music Therapy Connections, my private practice and teaching studio. Not only are we moving to our own building next month, but we are also welcoming new members to our team. “Expansion” is the theme of 2015 — both personally and professionally!

We want to kick off all these exciting changes by hosting a Midsummer Music Celebration, and you’re invited. On July 19, our friends, students, clients and their families will gather for music-making and mingling. We’ll host an interactive mini-concert, introduce our new staff, share more about our new location, and enjoy some sweet treats at a reception to follow.

Midsummer Music Celebration Invite

It should be a fun afternoon, so we really hope you’ll join us if you are in the central Illinois area. I’m especially looking forward to it since I’ve been on maternity leave all summer and missing all my wonderful students and families.

Click here to view the event on Facebook and RSVP.

One more thing, speaking of growth: we are currently raising funds for a recording studio in our new building. Click here to learn more about why this is such a great opportunity for our students and clients, and how you can contribute!

1-2-3, Clack With Me

1-2-3 Clack With Me Album Cover

Every time we get in the car, my 2-year-old son Parker asks for “mama songs”. I have about 200 of ’em loaded up on my phone, but his favorite album is a collection of songs from one of my past early childhood class sessions.

I’ve listened to that album so often that I catch myself humming the songs at random times throughout the day, especially this one. It’s all about playing the — you guessed it — castanets.

I use castanets all the time in both my music therapy sessions and classes because they are so useful for addressing fine motor skills. Plus they make a lot of noise, and that seems to be an important qualification for a well-liked instrument ;)

I also address other goals with this song, including counting to 3, learning directions (up and down), crossing the midline, and keeping a steady beat.

Did you know that you can receive a DOWNLOAD of each new Listen & Learn release (mp3, lyrics/chords, and instrumental track when applicable) emailed directly to your inbox, including this one?Click here to learn how.

A Recording Studio for Music Therapy Connections

A Recording Studio for Music Therapy Connections

Last week, I shared some super exciting news with you: my private practice and teaching studio is moving! We found the perfect location for our music therapy sessions, lessons, groups, classes…and a recording studio.

When we realized we had the extra space in our new building, we HAD to jump on the chance to create a dedicated recording studio. We love giving our students the opportunity to record their songs and original creations; not only does this allow them to hear their progress and share with their family, but it also fosters confidence, self-esteem, and a sense of accomplishment.

Those are important goals for ALL of our students, which is why we are raising funds toward equipment for our recording studio. As we make improvements on the new building and purchase other furniture and materials, we don’t quite have the room in our budget for extras — so we are asking for help.

A Recording Studio for Music Therapy Connections We’ve started an Indiegogo campaign to raise $1500 towards our recording studio, and we have just a little over a month to do it. Our move-in date is August 1, and it would be amazing to have the studio up and running when we open our doors at the end of the summer!

Our conservative goal of $1500 will cover the basics: microphone, headphones, speakers, preamp, and cables. Any additional funds we raise will go towards other equipment, including dedicated computer with recording interface, digital keyboard, and so on (right now we use our own personal equipment from home).

You can contribute any amount (every last dollar helps) and pay by credit card or PayPal. We are offering several perks to our donors to show our appreciation, including:

  • recognition on our website
  • digital downloads from our collection of original children’s music
  • gift certificates to attend our groups and classes
  • membership to our music resource websites

Click here to check out our campaign, and if you’re willing, make a contribution. Even if you can’t contribute monetarily, you can still help: spread the word by sharing this page with your friends via email and social media. Our budding recording artists thank you in advance!

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