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That’s our little family in its early days: Rachel, Zach, and Sadie (the cutest golden retriever you’ll ever meet). The adventures of the Rambachs began on August 8, 2008, when we were married on a beautiful Friday evening in our hometown of Springfield, Illinois. We bought a new house soon after, and Sadie joined our family in the spring of 2009. Over the next 4 years, we traveled all over the country and had the vacation of a lifetime in Europe, which we call our “last big hurrah”.

Rambachs in Rome

Just a little over a month after returning home, we found out we were expecting! I was so excited for my little Junebug, and spent the next 9 months planning and preparing for Baby Rambach’s arrival. I loved being pregnant, and was lucky to enjoy several great vacations and a full workload right up until the month our baby boy was born.

Parker's Birth Story

Parker Joshua Rambach was born at 10:31 am on June 8, 2013. He is the great love of our lives, and we’ve had a blast watching him grow up before our very eyes. I’m lucky to be able to spend my days with Parker and still work as a music therapist in the afternoons/evenings, while Zach works full time as an insurance agent. Our flexible schedules have allowed us to take quite a few trips as a family, and Parker is already quite the little traveler.

Parker's First Birthday

One year in as parents, I must say that this is a pretty sweet gig. Our family is definitely not done growing yet, and I can’t wait to see what happens over the next few years. Thank you for reading the blog and following along with our adventures!


  1. Kåre Magnus Dreyer

    Dear Rachel!
    I’m a Norwegian male aged 72, and I’m writing my family’s history at the moment. Both my father and my grandfather had Rambach as their middle name, but I do not know where this name came from. Can you help me? My family came originally from Denmark, but we have lived in Norway since 1750 approx.
    Kind regards from Kaare

    • Rachel

      Hi Kaare – what I’ve heard from my husband’s family is that Rambach is of German origins. I wish I had specifics for you!

  2. Ralph Rambach

    Hi Rachel,

    I love your music! I am also a musician, playing woodwind instruments. I’m originally from the Chicago area, now living in Missouri. My wife Suzanne and I retired here. We have one son, Daniel who is now a college senior at Missouri State University. A little family history…My father is Robert Rambach originally from Florida. Dad will be 96 years old next month. His father was John Rambach and relocated from Florida to Chicago around the 1930’s. John was one of about four brothers who went their separate ways. John was in the building trades and did a lot of traveling for his occupation. John’s father, I believe his name was Jacob, immigrated from Germany. Their is actually a place in Germany named Rambach, that translated means “river bottom”? Anyway, I am curious if your husband has any shared history with my family. After all, there are not many of us Rambach’s around.

    Keep up the good work with your music!

    ps: We also had a nautical theme in our home and love the water. We currently live lake front on the lake of the Ozarks.

    • Rachel

      Hi Ralph – thanks for the note and kind words! It’s always fun to hear about fellow Rambachs :) Unfortunately my husband is not very informed when it comes to family history, so he wasn’t sure whether or not we have any in common.

      We are loving the nautical theme, although we don’t have quite the scenery to complement it like you do! Sounds lovely!


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