Why is it that the winter months seem to last forever, while the summer flies by and is over in the blink of an eye? I know it’s not over yet, but as soon as August hits, I’m reminded that these lazy days are dwindling. Not that my summer has been lazy; actually, quite the opposite is true. But the sunshine and warm temps make life a little easier, no matter what is going on.

Well as you know, with each new month comes a song, and August is no exception. Here’s a tune to celebrate month number eight; take a listen:

Hot and sunny days are here,
And the end of the summer is near.
August is month number eight
And all thirty one days are great.

We’ll take a break from school days,
Everyone swims and plays.
Summer will be leaving soon,
So we sing this happy tune:


Time to get ready for the school year,
But there’s nothing for us to fear.
Class is fun and we learn a lot,
And in case you forgot:


Let’s pack up our book bags
And greet our teachers and friends.
Soon enough it will be fall,
But until the summer ends:


Last year around this time, I was knee-deep in wedding plans, parties, and other related celebrations. I have a feeling this August will be a bit more calm in comparison :) We are celebrating our one-year anniversary next weekend in St. Louis, so I’ll have that to look forward to as I jump right into another work week. Enjoy your Sunday evening!