Boom Tote Review

No lie: I used to store and transport my boomwhackers in a metal trash can. Yes, a TRASH CAN! That trash can now go back to serving its intended purpose, thanks to the Boom Tote.

I have known Michelle Erfurt to be a forward thinker and entrepreneur since the day I “met” her — after all, her inaugural email to me was an offer to publish a songbook based on the Listen & Learn song series. And in the four years since, I have also come to know her as a crafty DIY expert.

So what happens when a music therapist combines business savvy with sewing expertise? The Boom Tote, that’s what! What started out as a small project has now become an indispensable addition to the music therapy equipment I use on a daily basis, thanks to Michelle.

Boom ToteThe boom tote recently got some major upgrades. The new features make it better than ever, and in my opinion, any music therapist who uses boomwhackers (and I know there are lots of us!) should have one.

First of all, there are three fabrics to choose from. My paisley tote is so pretty, don’t you think?! But even better is that the totes are sewn in a way that makes them very strong, which is vital since they are no doubt going to be handled by little (and not always so gentle) hands.

Next, the drawstring closure keeps boomwhackers from falling out, which was always a problem with my former boom “tote” (a.k.a. trash can). I can just slip the shoulder strap over my arm and go while still carrying an armload of other instruments and materials.

My most favorite feature of the boom tote is the outside zippered pocket, which Michelle suggests you can use for Octavator caps, business cards, or keys. I almost always use it to store my keys and small wallet, since I don’t like bringing a purse with me to my groups and classes.

You can get the full run-down on the official website and Facebook page. Michelle will have plenty of boom totes on hand at AMTA national conference next month, but I suggest getting yours ASAP!