Casio Privia PX-130

My search for a new keyboard has finally ended! As of Monday, I am the proud owner of the Casio Privia PX-130 — my “brand new keys” as my friend called them in reference to the old country song, which I perform frequently at gigs.

But to tell you the truth, the latest addition to my instrument collection isn’t actually brand new. When I first asked for help finding the perfect keyboard, I received a few tweets (including one from my music therapist friend Allison) recommending the Casio Privia.

I checked it out and was impressed by what I saw — it had 88 weighted keys just as I wanted with lots of positive reviews — but I kept looking. However, I knew it had to be fate when one of my Facebook friends and fans of my business page (hi, Lori!) told me that her boyfriend was selling his barely-used Casio Privia.

He sent me an email explaining that he just didn’t have time to play the keyboard and was willing to give me a good deal. Music to my ears! I thought about it for a couple weeks while I continued my search, but I just kept coming back to this one.

When I picked it up on from him on Labor Day, he told me that he was happy it would get lots of good use. And that it will! I even skipped an afternoon at the pool to play it on Monday, which my friend Michelle Erfurt rightfully commented was a big deal. (I take my pool time seriously, people.)

I didn’t waste any time buying the proper accessories, since the main reason I bought the keyboard was for use at gigs. Thanks to Amazon’s free two-day shipping, I had a gig bag, pedal, and new stand even before I had the instrument in hand.

I’ll give my Casio Privia a proper review once I’ve gotten some real use out of it, but for now I can tell you that I am thrilled with my purchase. Thank you to everyone who provided suggestions and recommendations, and a huge thank you to Lori for leading me to my new keyboard! Who ever said that Facebook isn’t useful?!