To round out tonight’s three-part self care series, here’s a song that teaches the correct way to brush teeth. This can be a difficult task, so anything to make it a little more fun can help. The tune is recognizable and catchy; you’ll most likely find yourself humming it tomorrow :) Check it out:

I’m brushin’ all my teeth to keep them clean,
Nice and white, not yellow or green.
I brush them in the morning, noon, and night,
This is how I do it right.

First I get my toothbrush nice and wet,
Squeeze the toothpaste and then I’m all set.
Now I’ll put my toothbrush in my mouth,
Brush east and west, and north and south.

Brushin’ up and down and side to side,
Keep my mouth open nice and wide.
Don’t forget my tongue, I’ll clean it now,
Brushin’ is easy when I now how.

Last I’ll rinse my toothbrush and put it up,
Take a sip of water from a cup.
Rinse my mouth, and now I’m done,
Brushin’ my teeth is so much fun!