I’ve been neglecting this little beauty, otherwise known as the cabasa, since I purchased it back in early June. I really wanted to use it; I just never got around to it. Well I decided this week that it is time to put my newest instrument to good use, and I figured I may as well write a song about it, too.

Twist, twist, use your wrist,
That’s how you play the cabasa.
Twist, twist, use your wrist,
And play the cabasa for the whole wide world to hear.

The cabasa was born in Africa
Before it came to the USA
The cabasa’s a percussion instrument
And you’re playing it today.
Now pass it to your neighbor, that’s the way!


I’m going to try out this song this afternoon with one of my music therapy groups. The kids will sit in a circle, and I’ll have them take turns playing the cabasa and then pass it to their neighbor as indicated in the song. This is a great instrument not only because it sounds cool, but because it is visually and tactilely interesting. I am looking forward to seeing my students’ reactions today, because as far I know, they’ve never seen, heard or played a cabasa before. We’ll see how it goes!

Oh, one more thing. I want to give you an update on my Kickstarter project, which you can learn more about by reading my previous post.

In the first three days since launching my project, I’ve had five people pledge a total of $141, which is 7% of my $2,000 goal. Thank you to those of you who have pledged…and I’d like to invite everyone else to get on board, too. Listen & Learn Music has grown because of you, but it hasn’t reached its full potential yet. Let’s make it happen!