Shaking Up Goals (and Achieving Them!) with Fruit Shakers

Achieving Goals in Music Therapy with Fruit Shakers

If there’s one kind of instrument I can’t live without, it has to be the fruit shakers. These fun and colorful instruments hold so many possibilities and bring a smile to everyone’s face.

Pairing the catchy song “Shaky Fruit Salad” with these musical apples, oranges, lemons and bananas is a great way to mix up boring old egg shakers, while still addressing many important developmental goals!


Using the Ocean Drum in Music Therapy

Using the Ocean Drum in Music Therapy | Listen & Learn Music

Hi everyone! My name is Cacia King, and I’m going to be writing to you every week about all the goal-based songs available to you through Listen & Learn Music. I’ve been a member of Listen & Learn Plus for over 2 years, and now as a part of the Listen & Learn team, I’m so excited that I’ll get to share how I use these awesome resources regularly in my therapy sessions.

Cacia King, MT-BC | Music Therapist | Listen & Learn Music

Here’s all you need to know about me: I’ve been a board-certified music therapist for three years, I am from New Hampshire, and I love to sing, tap dance, and drink iced coffee.

I work with children who have special needs, and love being silly and making music every day with all my kiddos. I hope that I can inspire you to try new songs and adapt them to meet the unique needs of the children with whom you work!

Ok, so now onto the good stuff. What song am I really into this week? Well, summer is here to stay, which means it’s time for beach days and splashing in the pool. And what better way to get into the summer spirit than by playing the ocean drum?


“Banana, Ooh Na Na” {Kid-Friendly Adaptation of “Havana” by Camila Cabello}

"Banana, Ooh Na Na" {Kid-Friendly Adaptation of "Havana" by Camila Cabello}

Last month when I was brainstorming new songs to write for my early childhood music classes, I had the idea to adapt the song “Havana” to use with fruit shakers. I couldn’t stop singing the original version, so I figured it would make a catchy and effective song for my students…and so far, that has been the case!

I introduced “Banana, Ooh Na Na” a few weeks ago in our early childhood and preschool classes, and have also been using it in some of my music therapy sessions. It gets plenty of play at home, too, since my own children request it nearly every day.


The Evolution of a New Song

Over the past year, I have gotten into a super flowy groove when it comes to creating new songs. Up until that point, I would write and record them sporadically, and each time, it felt like an uphill battle (as much as I love the process once I get going).

But now I have a routine, and it works beautifully. So I wanted to share my process for those of you who are interested in the behind-the-scenes here at Listen & Learn, and hopefully this will help if you’ve found yourself in a creative rut lately.


{Song Video} Polar Bear

Polar Bear | Rhythmic Pattern Song for Children | Listen & Learn Music | Rachel Rambach

Tap-tap-clap, tap-tap-clap…that’s the body rhythm pattern that accompanies the verses of this catchy winter song. We change things up during the chorus, rubbing our hands together to create that swishy swimming sound as the polar bear glides through the sea.


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