Holy cow, already? It still feels as though summer is just getting started. Regardless, the beginning of July is one of the highlights of the summer, and the fun begins today with a brand-new song of the month. (Actually, I wrote it last July…but it’s new to you!)

Picnics, ice cream, apple pie,
Clap your hands ‘cause it’s July!
The seventh month of the year,
For thirty one days July is here.

Wave your flag, way up high,
Celebrate the fourth of July.
Let’s all wear red, white, and blue,
Fireworks for me and you!


Independence is the word,
Patriotic songs are heard.
Let’s join in and sing out loud,
For our country we are proud.


Summer’s coming to a peak,
It gets hotter every week.
Hear the crickets chirp at night,
Until the morning sun shines bright.


What are your plans for the 4th of July? And do you have any festive songs to go along with this patriotic holiday? If so, please share :) July is already off to a busy start for me – my best friend is coming to town today, I’m playing at a new venue on Friday, and of course, Saturday will be filled with food, fun, and fireworks. The perfect trifecta, if you ask me.

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