Carrying My Gratitude Into December | Rachel Rambach | Listen & Learn Music

November was a really good month. Even alongside some professional challenges, the stress of traveling, and a very full calendar, I felt more grounded and happier than usual. I can only attribute that to writing my 23 Days of Gratitude series, which forced me to focus on the wonderful things in my life every day leading up to Thanksgiving.

Today as we enter the month of December, I’m already starting to feel the pressures that come along with the holiday season. My fellow music therapist Ami Kunimura must be on the same wavelength as me, because she posted this question in her self-care group on Facebook, “what is your biggest challenge during this time of year?”

Hands down, for me it is not letting the stress of planning and prepping for holiday events take away from my enjoyment of them. There are so many fun things coming up this month, and I want to be present and in the moment for them all — which as history has taught me, is no easy feat.

So I’m taking a page out of my own book and letting gratitude lead the way. When I focus on the good in my life and relish in my thankfulness, all the other stuff just seems to work itself out.

The holiday season can get incredibly overwhelming between buying gifts, planning a big recital, doing alllll the family things, attending events and hosting parties. I will still do all of the above, but this year I’m not going to let any of it overshadow my gratitude for the friends and family with whom I’m celebrating, or the reason we are all celebrating in the first place.