Parker at 10 months

Less than two months from now, we will be celebrating this baby’s first birthday. Mind-blowing. This has without a doubt been the fastest year of my life, and I fear they will only get faster from here on out. At least, that’s what everyone tells me.

At 10 months, it is becoming apparent that Parker is a very curious little boy. I love the way his brow furrows at novel sights and sounds; you can almost see the wheels turning inside his head as he tries to understand the world around him. He’s really starting to enjoy books, and will even flip the pages himself.

Baby reading books

The one thing that I wish Parker was more curious about is food. We are still having a tough time with that. I have just about given up trying to spoon-feed him, as he has been refusing purees since we first introduced them at 6 months. We did have a little bit of luck with yogurt last week, and by that I mean he took 6-8 bites without turning his head and making a “yucky” face.

Baby's first yogurt

I introduce (and re-introduce) new foods every day, so there’s not much else I can do besides continue to nurse — I’m lucky that is his main source of nutrients until he turns one!

Sleeping through the night is a regular thing around here these days, and it is GLORIOUS. I don’t dare complain about the early wake-ups, though an extra hour or so in the morning would be nice since I’m usually up so late getting work done. Naps aren’t quite so consistent, but we are working on them. It has been hard to get into a consistent schedule, because lately I’ve had lots of morning appointments and meetings that get in the way of naptime.

I’m looking forward to the rest of this month; it’s going to be relatively low key with no travel plans, work starting to wind down in some areas, and best of all, the weather getting nicer. A daily dose of fresh air makes a world of difference after spending so many months cooped up inside.