Jake & Rachel Being Silly During Piano

There’s no better way to start the first week back to work after a long vacation than with a student who can barely contain his excitement at the sight of you :)  “Miss Rachel!  Miss Rachel!”  Jake exclaimed as he sprinted to the front door of my studio with his piano books in hand.

(Jake recently graduated to the next level, so after we took his picture for the studio bulletin board, we took some silly shots…including the one above, which I artsied up a bit.)

I’m a person who appreciates routine, so it felt good to slip back into the one I’m so used to — as hectic and exhausting as it might be!    Of course, it took a little more adjustment for many of my students, but I think after almost a full week, we’ve all found our groove.

And this morning, as I slid through the snow all the way to work, I mentally took stock of the first 7 days of 2011, which have included:

  • Writing at least one blog post per day (one of my goals for the year!)
  • Welcoming several new members to Listen & Learn Plus
  • Introducing countless new songs and interventions to my music therapy students
  • Penning my first custom song of 2011
  • Adding several new students to my studio waiting list
  • Recording episode 12 of the Music Therapy Round Table (it will be out soon!)
  • Preparing for a big presentation, to be given this Tuesday

Yep, I’d say I’m back in saddle, all right.  Although I do have to admit, as wonderful and productive as this week has been, I’m certainly glad it’s Friday!  How was your first week of 2011?