Five Orange Pumpkins

Between singing about them with my clients, admiring them with my two-year-old, and seeing them everywhere, it sort of feels like pumpkins have taken over my life…and I’m okay with that.

It’s fall, after all, and pumpkins are the orange ambassadors of this season. I’ve written many a song about them, and this one is the latest. I’ve been using it in my early childhood classes as well as music therapy sessions to work on counting, 1:1 correspondence, and attending skills.

I cut out and laminated five orange pumpkins so that my students would have a visual representation, and as we sing each verse, we take one away and count the remaining pumpkins. It would also be fun to grab some mini pumpkins for a more tactile experience.

What other pumpkin songs are you singing this fall? Here are a few more (along with some additional Halloween-themed tunes) on my Listen & Learn list.

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