DropboxI love this illustration (source), because it totally reflects my feelings about Dropbox and how it has changed the way I share files.  I split my work between my laptop at home and my laptop at work, so up until recently, I’ve relied on USB flash drives, sending emails to myself, and uploading files to MobileMe in order to access them in both places.  Not anymore!

I have to credit Kimberly S. Moore with introducing me to Dropbox, which is a free application you can download from the internet to any computer (both Mac and PC) or mobile device.  The free account gives you 2 gigabytes of storage, though you can pay a monthly fee for more.

What I love is that Dropbox works just like another folder on your computer, so now instead of saving a copy of a document or project on both my computer and in another location, I can simply save it to Dropbox and then it’s right there when I need to access it from another computer.

Another cool feature is the ability to share folders with other people.  I share a folder with my Music Therapy Round Table cohosts and another with my husband.  It’s like magic: new files just appear in the folder when other people add them!

Just yesterday, I recorded instrumental tracks for 9 new songs at work.  Instead of compressing the Garageband projects into a zip file and saving them to my USB flashdrive, I simply saved them to Dropbox as-is and then opened them right up on my home computer to record the vocals.  Then I saved the WAV files to Dropbox, and am listening to them now as I type this :)

Have you used Dropbox yet?  If you work on multiple computers like I do, or want to access files on your phone, give it a try.  And then come back and tell me how much you love it!