Embracing Hope GalaAs you read this, I’m either on my way to Minnesota (we hit the road to the airport at 4.30 am…eek!) or already there.

A few months back, my mom told me about a songwriting contest being held by a national non-profit organization whose mission is to end child abuse.

The National Child Protection Training Center (NCPTC) focuses on educational curriculum development and training for child protection professionals across the country. The winning song would be performed at their gala, Embracing Hope: A World Without Child Abuse Starts Tonight, as a theme song of sorts.

So we entered…and guess what? We won! We found out the good news in September, and now we’re off to St. Paul in order to attend and sing the song at the gala.

My mom and I are pretty excited about having the opportunity to share the song with so many people who we know will appreciate it. If you want to hear the song for yourself, click here.

Another thing we’re pretty excited about? Doing some shopping at the Mall of America! I’ve never been, and this trip just happens to fall at the perfect time to start doing my holiday shopping :)