As much as I write about my iPhone, Macbook, and other gadgets, you might think I work for Apple (or at least get paid to promote their products). Well neither is the case; I just happen to really, really love these pieces of technology. Even harder to believe is that up until two years ago, I was a total PC person. My husband made the switch in 2006, and I followed him after listening to a year’s worth of gloating about his superior machine.

Now I don’t know what I’d do without my Mac (and more recently, my iPhone). I do all of my recording using GarageBand, a music editing program that comes with every Apple computer. It allows me to record several different tracks either via a microphone or MIDI source, and then edit them to my heart’s content. It is integrated with iTunes so that once my recording is finished, I can import it into my iTunes library and then either burn it to a CD or post it to my blog. How convenient!

Today my mom and I recorded a song that we wrote for my grandma’s 80th birthday, and of course, we used GarageBand. She was amazed that I could easily add strings and other instruments, manipulate each track to make it perfect, and then email it off to her once it was completed.

I remember the first time my husband showed me the program; my exact words were “what would I ever do with this?”. Now I can’t imagine my life without it, since so much of it is spent writing and recording music for work and for fun. My newest GarageBand project? Creating custom ringtones using songs in my iTunes library for my iPhone…even Zach has joined in this action :)

I could probably go on and on all afternoon about the wonders of GarageBand, but I’ll stop here. Enjoy the rest of your Friday, and hopefully I’ll be back over the weekend with a new song or two.