GigBook iPad App

I’ve recommended today’s Friday Fave pick to countless people already, because they’ve all been curious to ask about it when they see me using it. This particular resource is one that I use on a daily basis, whether I’m teaching a lesson, providing music therapy, or performing at a bar.

It’s an iPad app called GigBook, and it has completely revolutionized my music collection. I spent a good part of a week converting my sheet music collection to PDF form and importing all of my songs into the program. Now I have all of my music therapy songs, student repertoire, and gig music in one place.

But the best part about this app is that I can separate my music into collections, binders for individual students, and set lists for each gig I play. I can also organize songs by artist, genre, and just about any other category I choose.

GigBook is compatible with my AirTurn, a bluetooth pedal I use to turn pages wirelessly on the iPad. Between that and the iPad mount for my microphone stand, I have quite the convenient gig setup. And as for my day job, no more searching through file folders of sheet music while teaching lessons, or printing out lyric sheets to review before a music therapy session.

The $4.99 I spent on this app is nothing when I take into consideration how well it has served me so far. Have you tried it yet?