Hi friends. I’m feeling exceptionally happy today, and not just because it is Friday. Also, not just because I’m drinking a huge mug of delicious coffee. The real reason is that I have something exciting to write about today, and this could quite possibly be my favorite “Friday Fave” to date. I hope you’ll read on.

I discovered Kickstarter while reading one of my favorite blogs. The girl who writes the blog (her name is Lindsey Markel) also wrote a publication for girls with the goal of “empowerment through advice, education and encouragement regarding everything from school to credit cards, and heartbreak to living a life of wonder”. Lindsey was seeking to self-publish her work in book format and distribute it to women’s shelters, Planned Parenthoods, and after-school programs nationwide, which is why she turned to Kickstarter.

Curious, I clicked the link from her blog and was led to a site which calls itself a “a funding platform for artists, designers, filmmakers, musicians, journalists, inventors, explorers…”. I could become a backer of Lindsey’s project by pledging any amount of money (from as little as $1) and if her goal amount was reached (which it was – twice over, actually), my pledge would be collected via an Amazon payment.

After I made my pledge, I began exploring some of the other projects on Kickstarter. There were all sorts of creative types hoping to turn their projects into a reality, which got me thinking about Listen & Learn. I have lots of goals for my song collection and website, one of which is to professionally record a compilation CD which can be widely distributed to those who it could possibly benefit. My current set-up, which consists of recording and editing each song on my laptop and burning CDs one by one, is funtional but not ideal. As my horizons have expanded, I’m ready for the next level!

So today is the official launch of my very own Kickstarter project, titled “Listen & Learn: Songs for a Different Kind of Audience”. My hope is that if one of my songs or ideas has positively affected a child in someone’s life, that person will become a backer. After all, backers get cool stuff in return (did I mention that part earlier?). I could keep writing, but instead I’ll just give you the link to my project – HERE IT IS!!

Thanks for reading this super-long post, and for being a regular visitor. Have a beautiful Friday and a wonderful weekend!