Rachel's Birthday

Don’t go wishing me a happy birthday just yet, because the big day isn’t actually until Tuesday. But who doesn’t love an extended celebration…especially when it’s a milestone year? No, I’m not turning 30 quite yet, but this is the beginning of the LAST year in my 20s, which is a pretty big deal!

My husband and I celebrated my 29th birthday last night with an amazing dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, and my family and friends are getting together tonight for what has been dubbed Rachel’s “I’m Not 30 Yet!” Birthday Party. I’ll be spending my actual birthday in Austin, Texas — a fun little mother/daughter trip courtesy of my awesome mom.

28 has been a pretty amazing year, between launching my full-time biz, taking a few wonderful vacations, and seeing my family grow (I got a new niece earlier this week!). But I have a feeling that 29 might be even bigger and better, both professionally and personally.

Thanks for stopping by and taking part in my birthday festivities! I hope your weekend is filled with lots of great things, too!