Last summer I had the privilege of writing and recording songs to narrate the Model Me Kids video, Model Me Faces and Emotions (read my post about it here).  It was a tremendously fun project; in fact, I was a little sad when all the work was done and the songs were completed.  So you can imagine my how thrilled I was to be invited to narrate yet another new video.

I spent a good part of January and February working on new songs for Model Me Going Places, a video in which children model appropriate behavior in a variety of community locations.  I am so happy with the finished product, which I received in the mail earlier this week!

Included is the DVD, CD-ROM, and the lyrics for all 12 songs.  There is even a free iPhone/iPod Touch app that goes along with it, for which I provided piano melodies.  My one and a half-year-old nephew loves it, and he’s too young to be biased!

Here are both DVDs (front and back), which are wonderful additions to my collection of resources.  Many of my students were already familiar with Model Me Kids before they even knew about my involvement; one little boy came to his piano lesson shortly after the first DVD came out and said, “Miss Rachel, I listened to you on TV.  You’re famous!”  Hey, if I’m famous in the eyes of my students, then I’ve reached the top :)

You can order any of the Model Me Kids DVDs (there are 9 altogether) from their website, and be sure to go download the free iPhone/iPod Touch app!