Music Therapy Ed

If you’re a music therapist who partakes in any sort of social media activity (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), then you’ve surely heard about the launch of And if you haven’t, well…I’m about to fill you in!

Kat Fulton is a music therapist in San Diego who I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know both through social media and in person at conferences over the last several years. The resources she has created for the music therapy and drumming communities — including her blog, drumming DVD, and CMTE courses — are nothing short of impressive, and now she’s added to that list with her latest venture. offers on-demand continuing education for music therapists (and anyone else who is interested in learning about the available topics) through video courses that are available 24/7. Current courses include There’s An App for That, Stop Burnout Before It’s Too Late, Reimbursement & Funding for Music Therapy Services: Private Insurance, Music Therapy Marketing 101, and MTs & SLPs: Collaboration and Co-Treatment in Pediatric Clinics. You can read about each course and instructor here.

Aside from AMTA National Conference, I don’t have much opportunity to travel to CMTE trainings throughout the year because of my busy work schedule. I love that more and more courses are becoming available online, and I have a feeling that is going to become my go-to source for continuing education. Big props to Kat and her instructors for such an awesome resource!