Episode 18 // Allison Hingley

In Episode 18 of the Guitars & Granola Bars podcast, I’m chatting with music therapist Allison Hingley. Allison talks about raising a toddler and newborn while completing a master’s program, her family’s various moves around the country, and her decision to start a private practice after staying home with her young daughters.

Meet Allison

Allison Hingley
Allison is the owner of Atlantic Music Therapy, LLC in Clayton, North Carolina, and mother to two amazing daughters, Susan and Samantha. While pregnant and working at the Arizona State Veteran Home, she served as a music therapist and, for a short time, the interim therapeutic programs manager. After the birth of Suzie, her family returned to North Carolina, Allison started graduate school online through Colorado State University, gave birth to Samantha, and started my private practice.

Having moved cross-country, cross-state, attended graduate school, and mothered two children, Allison is starting to get the hang of extreme(ly fun) multitasking!


Handbook of Neurologic Music Therapy // A starting point for learning about neurologic music therapy by Dr. Michael Thaut.

100 Days of Real Food // One of Allison’s favorite sources for healthy eating ideas. She also recommends checking out salads in a jar and freezer meals via Pinterest.

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