Episode 19 // Stephanie Bolton

In Episode 19 of the Guitars & Granola Bars podcast, I’m chatting with music therapist Stephanie Bolton. Stephanie talks about her career path working with a vast array of client populations, the challenges of having a home office, and how entering into private practice has allowed her to enjoy valuable time with her family.

Meet Stephanie

Stephanie Bolton

Stephanie has been a music therapist since 1997, a wife since 2002, a proud mom since 2005, and a private practice owner since 2009. Along the way, she’s moved across the country 3 times, held 6 different music therapy jobs in 4 different settings/populations, finished her master’s, and completed training in GIM.

Now her family is happily settled in Huntsville, AL, where Stephanie runs her private practice part-time so she can be home with her daughter after school.


Healing Sounds Music Therapy // Stephanie’s private practice website and blog.

Diving Deeper: 30 Guided Visualization Scripts For Individual and Group Work // Stephanie’s ebook which provides tools for deepening clients’ experiences and growth.

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