Episode 20 // Tim Ringgold

In Episode 20 of the Guitars & Granola Bars podcast, I’m chatting with music therapist Tim Ringgold. Tim talks about the winding road that led him to music therapy, his unconventional roles as a parent, and how he is empowering other music therapists to earn what they are worth.

Meet Tim

Tim Ringgold
Tim is a serial entrepreneur who is passionate about healing the world using his three best tools: faith, gratitude, and music. As a music therapist, he directs Sonic Divinity Music Therapy Services in Orange, CA, but this is just one division of his company, Sonic Divinity LLC. He also is a sought after speaker, having given the first TEDx talk on music therapy. In addition to this, he teaches other creative entrepreneurs how to help more people, earn what they’re worth, and achieve balance through his coaching division, Empower U Academy. As if that wasn’t enough, he is the President of WRAMTA, and a Tribal Elder of TEDxYBC, the largest TEDxYouth organization in the world. His highest paying job however (if joy was the only currency) is that of mad passionate dad and husband.


TimRinggold.com // Tim’s website.

Empower U Academy // Tim provides online and offline products and programs to help therapists of all types get the business and personal development tools they need to be successful business owners.

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