Episode 26 // Michelle Erfurt

In Episode 26 of the Guitars & Granola Bars podcast, I’m chatting with music therapist Michelle Erfurt. Michelle talks about her zen pregnancy experience, making the decision not to return to clinical work after maternity leave, and why she prioritizes self-care.

Meet Michelle

Michelle ErfurtMichelle is a music therapist and virtual assistant who has a passion for helping people. Her professional life began by providing music therapy services in hospitals and hospice agencies while being active online with a music therapy centered podcast and blog.

After the birth of her son 2 years ago, Michelle has left the clinical side of things to focus on her online pursuits. She is the co-owner of MusicTherapyEbooks.com, an online bookstore that promotes ebooks written by music therapists. Michelle also offers virtual assistant services to busy private practice owners so that they can devote their professional time to working with others. When she isn’t working, you can find Michelle at home with her son watching Curious George.


MichelleErfurt.com // Michelle’s website, where you can learn more about her virtual assistant services.

Music Therapy E-Books // An online meeting place designed to help connect music therapists to online books, promote ebooks written by music therapists, and assist music therapists as they write their own ebooks.

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