Episode 32 // Janet Stephens

In Episode 32 of the Guitars & Granola Bars podcast, I’m chatting with Janet Stephens. Janet talks about her path that led to having a large family, the evolution of her successful business, and how her “big picture” mentality allows her to prioritize the important things in life.

Meet Janet

Janet StephensJanet is the creator, seamstress, and entrepreneur behind Bear Paw Creek, founded in 2000 to meet the needs of the music therapy profession. The original focus was movement props and bags for organizing and the traveling therapist. It has continued to grow and encompasses a larger market, both stateside and internationally. She lives in Southwest Missouri on 60 acres with her husband, eight children, and various animals. Along with running a business and homeschooling her children, Janet enjoys playing games with her kids, fishing, books, and of course, sewing.


Bear Paw Creek // Check out Janet’s wonderful products, get her yummy granola recipe, and sign up for a chance to win one of her tote bags.

Eventual Millionaire // One of Janet’s favorite business-related podcasts.

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  1. Jenette

    As I said to Janet (we’re long time friends), I love the way she connects people and encourages them to help one another. It looks like you do the same, and that is a wonderful thing.

    • rachelmt

      Thanks Jenette! I definitely try to do that as often as I can. Thanks for listening :)


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