Episode 6 // Laura Theismann

In Episode 6 of the Guitars & Granola Bars podcast, I’m chatting with music therapist Laura Theismann. Laura shares the story of finding out she was pregnant, how her son has influenced her work as a music therapist, and the challenges and perks of having a background in child development when it comes to parenting.

Meet Laura

Laura TheismannLaura Theismann is a graduate from the University of Alabama and began working in 2012 at Key Changes Therapy Services in Columbia South Carolina where she serves a variety of populations including children with Autism and developmental delays, Dementia/Alzheimer’s patients, individuals recovering from stroke, just to name a few. Laura is married and has a three year old son that loves to keep her on her toes. On the journey through balancing music therapy and motherhood, Laura is learning very quickly that every day is an adventure, but is loving every minute of it!


More Than Music // Laura’s new blog, dedicated to sharing all-original compositions, resources, and session plans with other music therapists.

Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child // The book Laura used when it came to sleep training her baby.

1-2-3 Magic // Laura highly recommends this book as a resource for effectively disciplining your child.

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