Cuties in Footie Pajamas

I am a self-confessed homebody. If there is no reason I absolutely have to leave my house, I don’t. Those few years where I worked solely from home were pretty wonderful, and as much as I love my current work situation, there have been times when I miss being holed up all day long.

But lately I have sort of a love/hate relationship with being home. The combination of an infant, toddler, and really cold weather makes it much easier to just stay in, which can lead to honest-to-goodness stir craziness. The hours tick by incredibly slowly some days, especially when there are messes, tantrums, and an overload of noisy toys involved.

I feel so, so lucky to have so much time with my kids during the week, but last Friday when the babysitter came over and I met a friend for coffee, I came home afterward feeling like a new woman. I’m beginning to realize that this chapter in my life may eventually change my homebody tendencies…after the winter is over.

Today was the first time it actually snowed and stuck on the ground, and I was happy not to have anywhere to go all day. When Zach took the kids to a playdate this afternoon, I took a nap on the couch, worked on my computer, and then had a long hot shower — only to change into new pajamas.

It was the kind of hibernation day I loved before having kids, and I enjoyed every second of it. And tomorrow, I’ll enjoy a different kind of hibernation day, complete with footie pajamas, applesauce all over the kitchen table, many trips to the potty, and a couple episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse thrown in for good measure.