At last, my very favorite month of the year has arrived. This first week of June is an eventful one: Tuesday is the last day of school and my first music therapy session of the summer at the Autism Program, Thursday I’m going to a Cardinals game with my dad and brother, and Friday is my birthday! Let the fun begin.

Aside from being the first day of June, today marks another momentous occasion – this is my 200th blog post! Holy cow, I can’t believe that in the last 9 months, I’ve written 200 posts. I hope you’ll stick around for the next 200 :)

But let’s get down to business. As you know, every month has its own song, and June is no exception. I think the June song might just be my favorite of the 12, but I’ll let you decide for yourself which one is your favorite.

Let’s all sing a happy tune,
And celebrate because it’s June!
Month number six for thirty days,
So go outside and catch some rays.

For part of June, we’re out of school,
Let’s go swimming at the pool.
But when our summer break has passed,
The days are fun and they go by fast.


Next to come is Father’s Day,
Whether near or far away.
We’ll thank him for the things he’s done
And tell him that he’s number one.


This is the month when summer starts,
That’s one of the best parts.
The days get longer as they go,
Which helps the flowers bloom and grow.


I have lots of last minute things to do before I say goodbye to school for a couple of months, so I’d better get to it! Enjoy the first day of June :)