How to Find the Right Song Every Time | Listen & Learn Music

You know that moment when you need a song for a child, music group, or music therapy session? In your mind, you clearly know what goals the song will target, the instruments or props that you want to use, the theme…now you just have to find it. Well, you are in luck!

Listen & Learn Music’s song directory is your one-stop shop for songs and resources available to you in the Dropbox folder through your Listen & Learn Plus membership.

The song directory includes the song title as well as the song’s primary and secondary goal domains, the main instruments or props used, and links to each song’s mp3 recording, lyric/chord sheet, instrumental track, and facilitation guide.

Song Directory | Listen & Learn Music

The song directory is easy to navigate, and has been a lifesaver for me in times of musical need. Although I love thoughtfully writing goal-oriented songs for my clients and students, sometimes, I just don’t have the time or creativity, and I know that there’s got to be a song in the directory that will meet the needs of my clients and students.

One of my favorite parts about the directory is that there are links to every resource you might need, whether you want to listen to the song, look at the lyrics, or explore the facilitation guide.

As a long time L&L Plus member, I always wanted something like to facilitation guides to detail how to execute a song and help me brainstorm ways to adapt the songs for my own needs. Now, as part of my work at L&L, I get to create those!

Facilitation Guide | Listen & Learn Music

Each facilitation guide contains links to for the audio files and the lyrics/chords sheet, as well as a list of several goals the song targets, the materials you’ll need, and how to execute the song, along with several adaptations for each song. Wow, that is a LOT of information!

Although you are free to follow the steps of the facilitation guides exactly as written, it is a great way to get your creative juices flowing, and may help you adapt each song in a new and unique way.

The L&L Song Directory and Facilitation Guides are great resources that are included as a part of the already expansive Dropbox folder full of songs available to members of Listen & Learn Plus. I am constantly scrolling through the directory, and always find resources that fit the needs of my clients and students.

Let me know in the comments: How have you used the song directory or facilitation guides?

And if you’re not already a member of L&L Plus but would like to learn more, click here for all the details!