Lights, Lights, Lights

I wrote this song over two weeks ago, but just now got around to recording it after getting sick and then going on vacation. It’s been running through my head all this time, so it feels good to get it out and share it with you.

Christmas is only days away, and yet this is the only holiday song I’ve written so far this year. It has a much different feel than others I’ve written in previous years; it’s more laid-back and sounds a little more grown-up to me. I think that fits with the subject matter, though — this song makes me want to take a stroll through my neighborhood and admire all the lights twinkling at night.

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This is my last week with students before the holiday break, so I’m going to be getting as much use out of my holiday repertoire as possible. My original songs and all the traditional standards have been in high demand all month, not that I’m complaining!